August 25, 2017

Friday Five: August 25th

Hi friends! Happy Friday! What are you beautiful ladies getting into this weekend? I'm excited because I'm getting my nails done AND I get to go eat my body weight in food at The Kentucky State Fair. I saw these fried mac and cheese balls on Instagram that need to be in my belly #HungryGirlProbs.

Anyways I usually don't post content on Friday's but I wanted to test the waters and try this new series called Friday Five. A lot of the bloggers that I follow do this and basically I leave Friday as my day to give you the quick and dirty of 5 things I was obsessed with during the week; food, fashion, beauty, you name it.

I know this is new so ya'll let me know in the comments and on social if you like these kinds of posts okay! Let's get started!

1. Sleepy Body Lotion: I am unapologetically obsessed with Lush and this body lotion is hands down one of the best things I've ever purchased from them! It. Smells. So. Freaking. Good. Scents of lavender, cocoa butter and almond oil help drift you into the purest state of it's this perfect creamy consistency that actually moisturizes. A lot of products out there smell like heaven but don't do jack squat for your skin. Not over here friends. And I know it's my job to share all of the things with ya'll so it might sound obvious for me to say this, but you NEED this lotion.

2. Over The Top Lip Gloss: I showed ya'll this BOMB lip gloss over on Instagram stories earlier this week and I knew I had to include it in my first Friday Five. They call it "Over The Top" because you can literally add it to the top of anything it's so versatile. Plus it doesn't stick to everything like a lot of glosses but its so shiny and helps makes ya lips look extra juicy! Unfortunately it is sold out but there will be a restock next month so I'll be sure to keep ya'll posted when it drops.

The collection also came with lipsticks, highlighters and a palate so be sure to check that out as well!

3. Podcasts: I know I'm late when it comes to the podcast train but now that I've found a few that I like I seriously can't get enough. I listen at my desk while I work and sometimes it's even nice to turn off the radio and get centered on my drive in the morning. Some of my favorite podcasts include The My Taught You Podcast, The NPR podcast called How I Built This (about entrepreneurs and bad ass girl bosses), Fohr Casts A Drink With James (about blogging and influencer marketing; tips and tricks), and Hyper Caroline Hobby's podcast where she recently interviewed my BFF in my head Mallory Ervin. If ya'll don't do another thing today you MUST listen to this podcast. Mallory is a dream to follow on social and her message of reinventing yourself and always choosing joy is so inspirational. I've linked everything for ya'll so you can stop and listen if you want.

4. Nike No-Show Socks: I'm probably being too type-A by saying this but I hate it when my socks show in my tennis shoes. Correction; I hate it when my white socks show. And since 99.9% of my socks are white and none of them match, when it's time to go to the gym I always look like a 4-year-old from the ankles down. So I decided to give no-show socks a try and I am in heaven! These Nike socks come in a 3 pack and are perfect for all types of exercise!

5. Sunflower Fields: Super random I know, but I keep seeing these gorgeous images of people surrounded by these tall beautiful sunflowers and I need to find a field of my own and do it for the gram one time! So if you're reading this and you live in Louisville or Lexington and know where the sunflowers are hiding help me out :]

And that's my Friday Five! I hope ya'll have a great weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday!

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