August 23, 2017

Having Confidence At Work

When I landed my "big girl job" I honestly had all the feels on my first day. I was excited to be starting a brand new opportunity at an amazing company but I was nervous to be the new kid on the block. I also wanted to make a good impression and soak up everything that I possibly good while also kicking ass and taking names, you know, the usual stuff.

I was definitely a walking roller coaster of "new girl" emotions and even though I'm a few months in, I still feel a rotation of all those thoughts and feelings most days. And when I sat down to think about why, it all boiled down to confidence. I wanted to be more confident at work.

But you can't just snap your fingers and wish for confidence, it takes time my friend. So today I thought I would share some of the tips that I'm using to help build my confidence at work. I say build because honey it is a PROCESS. I'm not there 100% either but I know this is a valid struggle for a lot us so hopefully this post helps.

1. Look The Part my leggings weren't gonna cut it at my new office so it was time for a bit of an upgrade. I didn't spend a ton of money starting out, but I did get a few cute dresses and classic work pants to get me through. Working in a business casual office can be tricky though, some people cross too far over the line in one direction or another so my rule of thumb has always been to dress similar to my boss. And I know it sounds....superficial to say that clothes make a difference but they really do. I believe fashion breeds confidence and that looking good makes you feel good! So go on and get you some clothes girl. I found this wrap dress at Nordstrom during the Anniversary Sale and I am IN LOVE! I've also linked a few other business casual pieces that would be great whether you're a teacher, an intern, work in an office or any job in between.

2. Put In The Time
One thing I struggle with personally is wanting to be the best at everything right away! But I know that's not a realistic expectation to have so I make sure I put in the time to learn what I can not only during training but also on my own. Taking a TON of notes helps and it might sound like a no brainer to learn your stuff, but you'd be surprised. It'll give you that extra boost of confidence to start feeling like you know what you're doing.

3. Understand What's Expected Of You 
For me I love clear direction, feedback, all of it. Knowing what's expected of me helps me navigate through a new situation with less stress because there are boundaries. Is anyone else like this?

4. Stay In Your Lane
There's always that one person at every job that likes to tip tap over the line and you do not want to be that girl. Trust. So stay in your lane haha, whatever that means in your life/job situation. Granted, I'm super outgoing in real life but work Morgan likes to listen more and talk less until I get the feel for my environment. 

5. Fake It Till Ya Make It
To be honest, most of us are doing this anyways, I mean confidence for me honestly comes and goes. Some days I feel like I've got the hang of things and the next day I'm shaking my head in pure confusion haha so who REALLy knows at this point! All I can do is wake up everyday, do my best and learn something I didn't know the day before.

Anyways I hope this helps ya'll. Bottom line you already have everything inside you to be the #GirlBoss you know you can be! So don't be afraid of that internal power.


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