August 29, 2017

The Best Matte Red Lipsticks

I'm one of those girls that has a ton of red lipsticks but only two neutral shades for everyday. You know, because I’m practical. Okay, so that’s probably not true; I’m a Gemini so I live in the land of dramatic and doing the most, but I honestly can’t help it. For me, a red lip is always effortless, timeless and sexy AF so when it comes to buying them I’ve always believed more is more!

So today I wanted to share my 4 favorites with you, my creme de la creme plus my two cents about each brand, the works. Don't forget to leave your ride or die red shade in the comments, I'm always on the hunt for another addition to my collection!

1. Cruella by NARS
I love this product so much because it's basically a giant crayon! The pigment is bold and super creamy and even though to drys into a matte it doesn't feel like it. Make sure you have a giant pencil sharpener for this one ladies. If you could only buy one lipstick from this entire post, I'd go with this one hands down.

2. Ruby Woo by MAC
Ruby is an oldie but goodie for me. This was the first red lip I ever purchased and I keep coming back for more. I always line my lips and fill them in with "He Said She Said" before applying this overtop but you can totally go without it. Mac lipsticks always have a great formula so the color payoff is amazing.

3. Mary Jo K by Kylie Jenner
Yes I participated in the Hunger Games that was purchasing a Kylie Lip Kit back before they got their site stocked. It was rough ya'll but it was worth it. Mary Jo is also a blue red and is the only one of the five that I have to mentally remember to prep my lips before applying because it can be a tad bit drying on me. I know they've updated the formula since I bought this last fall so I've heard that has gotten better, but it hasn't been a deal breaker for me because the color payoff is Grade A. This lipstick does come with a liner but I lost mine in a Tin Roof bathroom at 2am so....yeah.

4. Pioneer by Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink 
The only drugstore lippie of the bunch, I bought Pioneer after receiving another Maybelline Matte Ink lipstick in an Influester box and I fell in love with the formula. It claims to last for 16 hours and while I've never kept my lipstick on that long, I will say that this one lasts great through eating and drinking! I don't know where it is right now ha, but its AMAZING for the price!

And that's it, my favorite red lips! I did just purchase a red/orange shade from color pop so I'll let ya'll know how I like that over on Instagram. Make sure you let me know the name of your favorite red lipsticks below!


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