September 20, 2017

My Fall 2017 Bucket List

I'm such a sucker for fall activities ya'll. I mean, how can I not be?! First of all its cuddle season so, that is reason enough to love the leaves changing and all the pumpkin spice deliciousness we get to eat and drink. But more than that, its always been my season to slow down...the year is now more than half over and that always helps me get focused on what I want to accomplish the remainder of the year.

So to celebrate the new season, today I wanted to keep things light and share with you my fall 2017 bucket list! Basically all the things I want to do before winter comes and sucks the fun out of being outside with a light jacket on. Thanks for stopping by! I hope ya'll have a great day!

1. Attend a college football game and tailgate.
2. Go to a pumpkin patch.
3. Go apple picking.
4. Make a homemade pumpkin pie.
5. Update my fall wardrobe.
6. Make Halloween plans
7. Go to a (not so haunted) house.
8. Learn to make a new soup/stew.
9. Host a Halloween movie night.
10. Go to a bonfire.
11. Carve pumpkins for Halloween. 
12. Deeper nail polish colors
13. Go on a hayride. 


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