September 11, 2017

My Top 3 College Memories + Tailgate Outfit Inspo

I took undergrad for granted. To be honest, I think we all do a little while we're in the moment. But now as I head into the 4th year since I left the University of Kentucky I realize just how much I miss it all....the nights I stayed past midnight in Willy T "studying", late night runs to Qdoba, lunches in the student center, Greek activities, the free food, the parties....I could seriously go on forever.

So in the midst of all those little memories, share with ya'll my top 3 favorite college memories.

But first, I've got to talk about this bomb AF crop top! As an ex Victoria's Secret Angel/Full Time Sales Specialist, I am always finding the cutest tailgate clothes from their collegiate collaboration with the university. This one caught my eye because it was crop and it was different than my normal University of Kentucky shirts. The bleached effect on the black fabric is so cool to me plus its super comfy and comes down long enough to cover the boobs which is a huge plus. All outfit details are below for y'all just in case you want to shop.

Now for the memories....

1. Traveling Abroad
I have always had wanderlust and in college that feeling was only magnified. My international exploration began when I spent a month in Berlin, Germany the summer between my freshman and sophomore years. Being immersed in another language, being forced to adapt and navigate through the subway systems, trying new cuisine and meeting new opened my eyes to the world and I couldn't give enough. I also did this crazy, ballsy thing while I was in Germany and recorded a song in a studio; total life changing moment!

I also spent two weeks in London my senior year and fell absolutely in love with EVERYTHING about the city. The history, archetecture and food are all reason why I have to get back across the pond within the next two years. If we're being honest though, my biggest regret of my undergraduate career was not spending an entire semester abroad. I was too scared of what I would miss while I was gone. Spoiler alert: I would have missed nothing haha. So if you're reading this and have the opportunity to travel abroad in college DO IT! Do it and pack your friend Morgan in your suitcase.

2. Becoming an AKA
I've said it before and I'll say it again, I don't know where or who I would be without Alpha Kappa Alpha. I use to roll my eyes at girls that swore up and down how their sororities "changed" them and doubted the true closeness of the relationships between sisters but let me tell you, that shit is the TRUTH. AKA has made me braver, more confident, more patient and has increased my capabilities of loving and growing with a group of people over a period of time. When I look back on all of the memories I have with my sisters and how much we've been through over the past (almost) 5 years it's hard to believe I've only known them that long! We in our own unique way and I ALWAYS know it's gonna be a good time when we get together.

3. University of Kentucky Athletics
Even though I mostly watch football for the beer and the buffalo chicken dip, it's hard to go to a big, SEC university like UK and not get sucked into all things basketball and football. Extra emphasis on the basketball, especially in March. Lexington is a different place during March Madness ya'll and I loved every single second. Watching games at the downtown bars, running up to State Street after a big win, tailgating, the inevitable emotional roller coaster ride you go on during EVERY single game...I will never forget those crazy times that brought our entire campus together!

What are you favorite memories from college?

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