September 6, 2017

Where To Eat In Nashville

I was in Nashville over Labor Day weekend and I had a ball ya'll! There's a lot of reasons why the home of country music is one of my favorites cities and one of the biggest reasons is food. Shocker. So naturally I ate any and everything I could get my southern little hands on and now I'm here to report back. So today I'm sharing all the places I ate at in Nashville plus a few that are still on my list.
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Known well by all of us with a love for tequila, tacos and an Instagram account, Bartaco was one of the first places I wanted to visit. Some people say it's overhyped, I say they're full of crap. This place was so so yummy. I had the pork, ribeye and fish tacos, all of which was amazing but the star of the show for me was hands down their corn. BOMB AF ya'll. You can either get it on the cob or they can scrape off the kernels for you which is amazing! I also got a margarita because, duh.

The food here is so unique and delicious so come with an open mind. If you love ramen though you'll be right at home. We did a ton of small plates and shared them: the crispy brussels, pork gyoza, Japanese fried chicken, Australian short ribs, and hush puppies. I also caved and got the pork ramen which was to die for! The bartenders here also know how to make a mean whiskey sour too.

Another one I discovered on Instagram, Five Daughters Bakery is beautiful! This place is seriously every donut lovers dream. I'm usually not much of a sweets girl either but they have something for everyone here. 

Biscuit Love
The line wrapped around the building at this place is not a joke ya'll but the food is so worth the wait. I'm from southern Georgia so trust me when I say I know my way around a biscuit; heck my grandmother makes them from scratch almost every Sunday. But the biscuits here are....well I'll never say that they're better than my grandma's, but they are delicious! I got the Blacklock Hash with potatoes, 2 eggs, sausage and peppers!

Acme Feed and Seed
I know this blog post is all about the food but I have to start with the live music in this joint. Its phenomenal ya'll! The atmosphere, 4 floors with open windows and a rooftop that looks over the entire city, make up for the line wrapped around the inside. I had the chicken and waffles but I was DYING over my friends meal the Beautina Hatch. So. Good. This place is a must for day drinking down Broadway.

Rippy's Bar and Grill
Also on Broadway, this place has finger licking BBQ! We got the big sampler appetizer and it was everything. They also have some pretty great live music at this place too but again, it's Nashville so I expect nothing less.

Other Places we visited.....
- Coyote Ugly (a MUST for Nashville)
- Tin Roof
- No. 308 (this random internet pick turned out to have a great vibe and a bomb DJ)
- Tootsies Orchid Lounge (their rooftop bar is like non other)

My Wishlist For Next Time... 
Husk Nashville
City House
Salt and Vine
Hattie B's Hot Chicken
Martin's BBQ Joint

For all Nashville food inspo follow @nashvillefoodfan on Instagram. You'll be saving a lot of photos trust me! I hope this helps ya'll on your next trip down to Nashville. I know I'll be back! Have a great Thursday loves!

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