October 5, 2017

How To Host The Ultimate SCANDAL Watch Party (TGIT)

If you know me in real life then you know that Thursday's are sacred in my house. I do not play about my TGIT (Grey's Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder) so that means on this special night each week you can find me surrounded by wine (duh) and lots and lots of snacks; probably freaking out because of Shonda Rhimes and her brilliance! You know, typical Morgan stuff.

This Thursday is especially sacred because the final season of Scandal premiers and I can't even know what to say about it ya'll. I'm one of those people that gets WAY too emotionally invested in the lives of fictional characters so I go through a lot on Thursday nights. Between the live tweeting and the not breathing due to excitement I am never prepared for what comes my way. I'm also just going to come out and say that if Fitz  and Olivia don't end up together I'm not going to be okay. Like, I might need to be resuscitated....but I digress. I am not here to share all of the many ways I hope Scandal ends. I'm here to talk about the good things in life: celebrating with friends and food.

I knew I wanted to host all my friends to celebrate TGIT so naturally I wanted to share all of that with you! So today's post is sharing all my tips and tricks for hosting the perfect TGIT party.

Set The Atmosphere
For me, that means fresh flowers and fall scents. Super easy. I've also made sure I have enough pillows, chairs and blankets for everyone just in case.

It's All About The Food
Let's be honest, the food is the centerpiece of every party so I was excited to hit up Pinterest to help me plan this portion of the shindig. I knew I wanted the food to represent TGIT so I decided on popcorn/snacks and this beautiful meat and cheese board!

For this party, doing snacks was eaiser than planning an actual meal because of the time! So if you're planning your own TGIT party I would stick to the simple stuff and then if everyone is food hungry opt to order pizza or Chinese when everyone arrives. That way you're not over buying all this stuff and people can actually eat what they want!

.....And The Wine
The second reason we all watch TGIT is to partake in 3 hours of wine drinking. Naturally. So I picked up a few bottles of my favorite reds and whites but I've also asked each of the girls to bring their favorite bottle of wine when they come. That way hopefully everyone can try a new type of wine and no one person is buying all the alcohol.

Invite Everyone
No I don't mean invite literally every person you know ha! I just mean that for me it's easier to invite a mix of my girlfriends to stuff like this because its chill and so easy to bond over good TV and great wine. Some of my friends have watched every episode of every TGIT show, some have not even seen 5 minutes of any episode. Some I know from school, others from work or random chance meetings and some of these girls have never met each other before! My point is that I love pulling together my friends from every corner of my life in hopes that they make a new friend too.

And that's all I have for ya'll today! I hope you enjoyed the post. Grab a glass of wine with me and my girls tonight as we enjoy the TGIT. I also LIVE for a good live tweet so follow me on the Twitter: @mpaige_x is my username!

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