Hello there, and welcome to my little corner of the web. My name is Morgan! I'm 22 and a recent graduate from the University of Kentucky. I'm a PR/Social Media addict, a lover of chocolate, completely addicted to travel and I have no idea what life has in store for me next. Weren't expecting that were you? Don't worry; I'll explain. This time of uncertainty happens to be the reason I started My Gorgeous Chaos

I've always been a bit of a wild dreamer, and I ALWAYS have a plan. For everything. But as graduation approached last May, I found myself paralyzed. My whole life I always knew what was next for me, and for the first time that yellow brick road was ending. At first, it scared me to death. And then, it fueled me. The freedom to paint my future is exciting and daunting all at once, but I'm ready to take this journey of discovering myself and creating the most faith-filled, festive life that I can. 

My hope is that all of you feel like you can relate to and are inspired by the things that I share on this blog! My Gorgeous Chaos is both the perfect description of my spirit and my life, and you girlfriend, are more than welcome to follow along as I figure this thing out. 

After all, that's what My Gorgeous Chaos is all about; loving life and making the most of the in between.

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